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Bright exterior lights

We would like to remind everyone that keeping your exterior lights on may be a deterrent to crime in your mind, but is also an annoyance to your neighbors who would like to have dark, without shadows in our bedrooms from your bright exterior lights.  Pull down my shades, you say, then I can’t tell when my motion sensor has gone off and someone may be intruding on my property.
The City has street lights, we do not, and it’s why we located here.

A lighted house is not a deterrent, it only allows those looking to create damage, theft, etc. to better see what you have available.

The answer, put your lights on “Motion Sensors”, it’s a simple process and can be done by the homeowner, following the instructions on the package.
When the light comes on……’s either a Deer or and intruder, most likely a deer.
But you will know right away, not the next morning.  Don’t depend on your neighbors to be watching your brilliantly lit property, they are trying to sleep with shades down because of your illumination.
When Security patrols your street they will see something different, an activated motion light, which can be seen from a distance.  If the light is always on, it won’t bring any immediate attention.
Take a look at
You may also want to look at Home Depot’s or Lowe’s, do it your self articles.