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Community Association

President's Report 2019

Dear Fellow Members,
Wishing everyone a great spring. The Board of Directors has continued to work hard to run and improve our community. This past year we worked on removing and replacing our antiquated entrance signs. A special “thank you” to John Grohl for taking the project on and getting it done with the boards support. Also, we were able to get done some more (much needed) cutback on Red Oak Lane, Woodland Court, Meadow brook Court, and Griff Court. These were all roads in section 6 of our community. We also did cutback on Mountaintop Road, MapleRidge Road, Lakewood Court, Lakewood Drive and Hilltop Court. These are roads in sections 3 thru 5. Road work has continued on Water Forest Drive as well as other roads. We will resume this spring in order of priority.

The mailboxes in section 6 were torn down, reconfigured, and replaced to make mail pick-up and delivery more convenient and safer. The area is now accessible for the plow truck. Thank you to the gentleman from section 6 that has been plowing it himself for the last 15 years!

We started phase one of our Clubhouse renovation. The roof was replaced just before winter. Phase two will be starting sometime this spring. Phase two will focus on the exterior of the clubhouse. We will also be refurbishing the gate house near the Log Tavern entrance. We added sunshades on our back deck to make more seating for members in shaded areas. We will be looking into fixing our parking lot as well.

I would like to bring up a couple of on-going issues that need to be addressed. One issue that we have discussed previously is garbage cans left out on the roadway. Too many and too long.
Our next issue is overnight parking. People are leaving their vehicles on the shoulder/roadway overnight. This is a safety hazard and it is not permitted. We will be enforcing this rule.

We had a nice turnout for our annual bbq considering that we had to reschedule due to bad weather. We also had a great Christmas party! Thank you to those who volunteered and attended. We are always looking for volunteers to help with recreation. Please contact Brian at the office if you would like to donate some time. We look forward to seeing your at our general meeting in May. Wishing you a wonderful spring and summer in advance.

Patrick Mastrocovi / PMWF President