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Community Association

President's Report 2017

Dear Fellow Members,
Our general meeting will soon be here. I urge all members to attend the meeting for open discussion about our community.
Throughout this year we have continued to make improvements to our community to the best of our ability with the means we have available. This past year we have rebuilt and resurfaced all roads in Section 6. This should now leave us with some minor road repair there for the next couple of seasons. We haven’t completed tree cutbacks in section 6 and it still needs to be addressed. We are looking forward to allocating more money towards road cutbacks and general road care throughout the community sections 1 through 6. It is imperative that we continue road cutback, trimming of overhanging tree issues that make it impossible for snow contractors to maintain roads at their full widths. These overhanging trees also create terrible hazards with ice storms and heavy wet snow. Trees bend over road ways and make them impassable. We also need to address tree cutbacks this season in the clubhouse parking lot as well as around the pool. There are also some dead trees around the bus stop that are creating hazardous situations with dropping limbs. We also need to make it a priority to cutback the overhangs on the school bus route.
This year has been very positive for our community. Overall, everything has been running well. We will continue to work hard to keep our community as safe and private as possible. In order for us to operate properly, it is important that members keep current with dues payments. It is an obligation that affects all of us. In order to operate at our current level, dues must be increased by $25.00. This is a 2% increase. The majority of the dues will be allocated to maintenance (tree cutback) and roads. The Budget Committee of the board has also prepared a proposed budget with a $50.00 dues increase. I hope that the members take a serious look at it and consider our options for community improvement. Again, that increase would be filtered mainly for maintenance (tree cutback) and roads. We are also hopeful that more members of the association will participate by attending the monthly meetings whenever possible. We meet on the 3
rd Sunday of every month. It is necessary to have discussions with our neighbors, and share ideas and concerns for our community. We all have a vested interest in Pocono Mountain Water Forest! We look forward to seeing you at the general meeting in May. Have an enjoyable spring and summer.
Patrick Mastrocovi / PMWF President