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Community Association

President's Report 2018

Dear Fellow Members,
May is fast approaching and our general meeting will soon be here. The Board of Directors has been working hard to run and improve our community. Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and we have full time lives just like all of you.
We have continued to make improvements throughout the community. We have rebuilt and resurfaced some sections of the main road that were in terrible condition. We will resume this spring to complete other sections of the main road so we can move along to other areas of the community. We continued our cutback of tree overhangs and general overgrowth to our roads. There is still much more to do. Unfortunately, the storm Riley has left us with large trees, branches, and debris along side our roadways that need to be cleaned up. We will have to accomplish clean up before we begin road cutback again. Please be patient as we are “on it”. We will continue to work to keep our community as safe and private as possible. In order to continue to maintain and improve our infrastructure, every member needs to do their part by making your dues payment on time. It costs us all time and money to chase members around that neglect their responsibility of paying their dues on time or sometimes at all. We realize that hardships occur and can prevent members from paying on time. If you are going through a hardship, we urge you to make communication with the board so we can work with you and help make you current. It is our obligation to pay dues to keep the community operating and in good condition. We are hopeful that more members of the association will participate by attending the monthly meetings whenever possible. We meet on the third Sunday of every month at 9:00AM. It is necessary to have discussions with our neighbors and share ideas and concerns for our community. We also have some vacancies on the board that we would like to see filled with people that are willing to volunteer their time. Remember when you speak or hear people say, “The Community does this etc”…YOU are the community. The board is the community. We are ALL the community. If you would like to make improvements, we urge you to donate your time to serve your community. We look forward to seeing you at the general meeting in May. Wishing you a wonderful spring and summer in advance.
Patrick Mastrocovi / PMWF President