Pocono Mountain Water Forest

Community Association

General Questions

Q: How Much Are The Community Dues Per Year?
A: The dues for the current fiscal year of June 1st, 2023 thru May 31st, 2024 are $925.00

Q: When Are The Community Dues Payable?
A: The dues are payable upon receipt. There are however payment plans available. You may view the payment plans on this site under menu: Welcome / Dues, Pay Plans, Gate Rules
Should you have any questions regarding payments, never hesitate to contact the office.

Q: When does The fiscal Year Run?
A: The PMWFCA year runs from June 1st through May 31st.

Q: How Much does A Resale Certificate Cost?
A: The cost of a Resale Certificate is $200.00. The office needs ten days notice in order to prepare one.

Q: How Much Is The Capital Improvement Fee?
A: The Capital Improvement Fee is $925.00

Q: How Do I Get Gate Cards?
A: Residents that never had gate cards will be issued 2 cards free of charge. Please call or go to the office to request them. In ALL CASES DON'T FORGET to bring your Current Car Registrations for each gate card that you are picking up. No out of state registrations will be accepted unless you are the homeowner or you are the person renting from the homeowner. Please call the office before picking up your cards to make sure they are ready.
No gate cards will be issued to Resident Owners or to their Renters if the Home Owner is not in good standing with their community dues.

Q: We Have More Than Two Cars. Are We Able To Get Additional Gate Cards For Those Cars?
A: Yes, there is a fee of $15.00 for each additional gate card after the first two (2) gate cards. Additional gate cards are for people that are living at that same Pocono Mountain Water Forest address that obtained the original two (2) gate cards. You must also show Current Registrations to that same Pocono Mountain Water Forest address for these additional vehicles.

Q: I Would Like To Give my Friend or Relative A Gate Card. Is This Possible?
A: Yes. You may buy up to two (2) additional gate cards for people that do not live within the community as long as you furnish us with the Current Registration of that vehicle and with any other information that we request pertaining to that vehicle or its driver. The price for these non resident gate cards are $50.00 per card, per year.
(We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any non resident gate card)

Q: What Do I Do About Garbage Pickup?
A: The community does not cover garbage pickup. Each resident must arrange for a private company to pickup their own garbage.

Q: How Do I Go About Renting The Clubhouse & How Much Does It Cost?
A: In order to rent the clubhouse you must be a member in good standing with your dues. A rental form can be downloaded and printed from the Resident Forms page of this website which you can then sign and bring to the office or mail with your payment and deposit.
The cost is $250.00 plus a refundable deposit of $225.00 is required. Two (2) separate checks must be written. One for the $200.00 and one for the $150.00. There is a schedule on the Events Calendar page on this site which is updated every time a party is booked.

Q: Are Electric Boats Allowed On The Lake?
A: Yes, however NO FUEL powered watercraft of any kind is permitted on the lake.


Please be advised that any complaints being reported to PMWFCA must be submitted on an official complaint form and delivered to the office in person, via mail or email. We can not accept any complaints that are not on the official complaint form. Thank you. 
Please click on the links below for any of the forms. All forms are in PDF Format.

1-Sign Out Sheet for Tables & Chairs

Property Rental

New Property Owner

Incident Report

Delaware Township Resident Bulk Disposal Sticker Application

Complaint Form

Clubhouse Rental