Pocono Mountain Water Forest

Community Association

Pocono Mountain Water Forest Community Association is located in North East Pennsylvania, in what is called the Lake region. It has access from PA Rt. 739 and Log Tavern Rd, which is gated. Amenities include Pool, Lake, Boating, Tennis Courts, Baseball field, Basketball & Squash Courts, and a Clubhouse with a Pool Table, Television, Tables & Chairs, and an attached Game Room. The Clubhouse can also be Rented for Private Parties. Pocono Mountain Water Forest Community Association is governed by 15 Board of Directors. There is an office that is staffed Wednesday thru Saturday from 11:00am to 6:00pm. Section 6 of Pocono Mountain Water Forest Community Association is located off PA Rt. 2001(Milford Rd) and has full access to all facilities. All school bus pickups are made at the Clubhouse Parking Lot. Snow plowing and maintenance of the roads are supplied by the Community. Volunteer Fire depts, Ambulances, and Emergency Intensive Care Units are accessed via the 911 system. A short distance away is Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowes. Even closer are local hardware stores, restaurants, medical offices, gas and propane stations. All are set in a RURAL location. The Delaware River is 15 minutes away for Fishing and Boating. Utilities available are Electric and Cable services. Wells and Septic systems are dominant.


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2021 Newsletter & General Meeting Information



In the yearly newsletter, I informed you that because of the “current situation”, there would be no increase in dues, and that the due date for the first payment would be extended to July, 31st. For many that still may not be enough to help ease the burden. Working with our accountant, we arrived at a fourth payment option. A deposit of $219.00 would be required by July, 31st. From there, starting Sept 28th, $73.00 would be automatically be deducted from your bank account on the 28th of each month, until May 28th, 2021, when you complete the plan. The total fee for this is $26.00 for the year, $2.17 per month. Money from dues is how the community sustains itself. It’s a “necessary evil” like taxes. When a person falls behind and receives a letter it is a reminder. If you don’t respond, don’t reach out, we have no way of knowing whether you’re experiencing hardship, or just ignoring the letter. The community doesn’t make anything from collection, and would prefer to never be forced to exercise that option. I hope the new plan is workable for many and that from here on in, we can begin a new era of communication

John M. Grohl